Barbara Blatner

Living with You

get closer to you
and not fall under?

I write you with my mouth
shoulders and hands
the paragraph is numberless

dark text lies between the stars,
planets churn to gloss,
shadows lay down on branches
every sophisticated instrument
evolves to

the consciousness of this room
time to us

your breath enumerates you

chains of forgetting, silver-
worded with spaces between,
lay across me

I come to you forgetting

in order to come back
I forget


Selected Works

Years of Sky tells of the doomed but enduring love between David, black, and Stace, white, whose relationship is bound to both Kennedy assassinations and thirty years of American politics.
Living with You traces in lyrical, abstract verse, reminiscent of George Oppen and other poets in that tradition, the first years of the poet's married life. Barbara Blatner's work possesses great power and great stillness. It is quiet but passionate, and the sense I have is that the processes she describes go on forever: "so we come back to / the old / the new // like the cats / in circle of[]" She is very much a necessary poet in these loud and selfish times. Mac Wellman New York Quarterly Books, 2012
A poetry chapbook
Poetry, memoir
A verse memoir of my mother's death
Verse play
A verse play for Epiphany

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