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Years of Sky

Full-length play

The Still Position

The Still Position chronicles the last days of life of the poet's difficult but cherished mother. Set in upstate New York among deer and hawks under a stone-scarred mountain, these poems witness the death of the body and the heart's passage through loss and grief, anger and confusion, forgiveness and devotion.

New York Quarterly Books, 2010

No Star Shines Sharper

No Star Shines Sharper re-imagines and secularizes the story of Jesus' birth in intersecting monologues by Mary and one of the three Kings. Mary suddenly finds that life is beyond her conscious control. The King's dilemma -- his urge to define himself by his enemies -- is resolved when he finds no enemy to fight against.

Baker's Plays, 1991

The Pope in Space


"A musical energy and a vision powerfully inherent in the language set these poems in motion."
--Martin Nakell

"Her poems are always fresh and sharp as a razor: you know you have been cut, and you are never sure where or how."
--Don Byrd

Intertext Press, 1986